Be the pebble that starts the ripple…

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen back in October I got all ‘fan girl’ upon meeting polar explorer Sir Robert Swan who came to speak at the school I work at as part of an academic Global Learner Conference.


The Mission of Robert Swan’s 2041 organisation is: to inspire, stimulate and connect organizations and communities who seek to protect our world and create a more sustainable, clean energy future.

Roberts mission, in a nutshell, is to preserve Antarctica when the treaty that protects this last wilderness expires in 2041. Threats come from the exploitation of its natural resources amongst other things but the brutal reality is that if we don’t protect this continent the ice will melt and lots of cities and countries, including Bangkok will drown, some already are. I sure hope we’re all great swimmers.

Now I would claim to care about the planet as much as the average man on the street but admittedly my environmental activism is pretty simple; recycling, turning off the lights when I leave a room, turning off the tap when I clean my teeth and walking every now and again instead of grabbing a taxi – hardly cutting edge stuff. But hearing Robert talk about why we need to act now to protect our planet, the only one we have, was simply inspirational. Over the course of two days, I managed to sneak in and see him speak three times, each time coming away with something else that blew me away. Robert was the first man in history to reach the North and South Poles unaided and of course has some incredible stories as a result. He tells them with humour, passion and a very simple message, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

My school, Bangkok Patana, has teamed up with Robert Swan and 2041 and I am delighted to be part of the support team, providing all the help I can in terms of Marketing and Communications in the lead up to two members of our community, a student and a teacher, heading off to Antarctica in March next year. Seriously, what an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m so honoured to be involved!

We want this trip to inspire not just our school but anyone who reads about this project to consider what they can do to be the pebble that starts the ripple in their community and help protect the last great wilderness on earth.

To read more about Bangkok Patana 2041 or find out how you can support this incredible project, visit
Please help us to spread the word!

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  1. What an incredible thing to be a part of!
    I do all the same things that you do but realise it’s not enough – the difficulty lays in where to begin helping on a larger scale. Humans are a formidable force so I feel like if there was somebody there rounding us up and pointing us in the right direction it would be a whole lot easier! I bet the student and teacher can’t wait to go – will be the educational trip of a lifetime! x

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    1. So true Amy! One of the key things I took from Robert was he said ‘you can’t do everything but you can do 1%’ – I think that’s such a sensible idea, the little things do add up no matter how insignificant you think they are xx


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