Neon Lights Festival, Singapore 

At the end of November, we headed to Singapore to attend Neon Lights Festival. This two-day event (no camping) was held at Fort Canning Park and we bought tickets for the Saturday (around £65 I think) mainly to see Foals but also just to get our fix of live music! Something we don’t get enough of here in Bangkok.

Weather in Singapore was a bit hit and miss so I had diligently packed my waterproof coat which I purchased way back in 2010 to take to Glastonbury…where of course there was a heatwave and it was never used. Anyway, I put said waterproof on as soon as the heavens opened (and boy did they open) only to find it is not by any stretch of the imagination, ‘waterproof’. Thank god for plastic ponchos that’s all I can say. And Jameson’s.

The park is pretty small which was perfect for a day event, there were 7 stages/tents with stuff going on from 2pm until Midnight. We saw Lucy Rose, Foals and 2 Many Dj’s amongst others. There were plenty of places to buy drinks and lots of food available as well as enough toilets (always important)!

We had a fab time at Neon Lights and would definitely go again despite the mud and rain! There was a great atmosphere and the music was just what we needed!!

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