In Love with Oz

We spent an amazing Christmas and New Year in Australia. It was my first time to Australia, my husband was born there but hasn’t been back since leaving when he was a year old so we deliberated hard about what and where we wanted to be. In the end, our trip was dictated by two things…firstly, my demand to do something totally epic if I wasn’t going to be with my family for Christmas (for the first time ever) and secondly the fact that our friends from the UK were going to be in Sydney for NYE. We did an awful lot in our 14 days down under, I’m going to blog about each section of our trip in more detail now that I’ve finally sorted my technology out and am back in the blogosphere once again but in the meantime here’s a brief rundown of our schedule:

We flew from Bangkok to Brisbane with Thai Airways and spent a day and a half exploring Brisbane before flying up to Proserpine Airport (also known as Whitsunday Coast Aiport) with Virgin Australia. Proserpine is the closest airport to the Whitsunday Islands so we stayed in Airlie Beach for a night before boarding the Whitsunday Blue catamaran on Christmas Eve for a 3 day, 3-night cruise around the most beautiful part of the earth I have ever seen.img_1584

After getting off the boat back in Airlie three days later we picked up a rental car and began the drive down to Brisbane, spending nights in Rockhampton (or Rocky as it’s affectionately known to the locals), Noosa and Twin Waters – this was an interesting few days as naively we hadn’t booked any accommodation (lesson most definitely learnt, my credit card is still weeping) and had not appreciated how booked up everywhere would be.img_1698

From Brisbane, we flew with Virgin Australia again down the Sydney, where thankfully we had got accommodation booked, for New Year. After an amazing four days in Sydney, we headed back to Bangkok totally in love with Australia.img_2306

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Yeah, we love driving around in Australia on road trips too. Wow, you drove more than 1100km!

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    1. Did we!!! Wow! To be honest we had such a fab time we didn’t even realise!! X

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  2. Can’t wait to read about everything you got up to! Hoping to make it to Aus this year so looking forward to your recs! x

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