So sorry I haven’t blogged in ages, the last weeks of term at school are always crazy busy and this year it was no exception. If anything this year was actually crazier as we have had a number of close friends leaving Bangkok so we’ve had non-stop parties and celebrations for weeks which of course eventually ended in tearful farewells. It’s something about expat life that I need to get used to I suppose but I can’t imagine it ever gets easier.

So to give you a quick update, I’m flying home to the UK in a few hours and despite the trauma of packing (euughhh) I can’t wait (husband went home last week!). It’s a year since I’ve been back to England and I’m so excited to see my family and friends, meet the babies that have been born this year and give my dog Teddy lots of kisses. when we see him later in July. I’m also a bridesmaid in a few weeks for one of my best friends which I am beyond thrilled about and am so looking forward to, and we are heading to Spain on Tuesday for some much needed R&R!

Anyway, sorry it’s a short one but just wanted to explain my absence! Hope you guys are all good and have exciting plans for the summer! If you miss me, I’ll be uploading regularly on Instagram and also on Instagram Stories so come over and say hi. I expect to be back to blogging properly in August so please bear with me!

See you soon!

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  1. Have a wonderful break! I’m following along on insta and saw that gold JP dress – can’t wait to see a full length shot because it looks gorgeous! Happy holidays babe x

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    1. Thanks lovely! Felt like a goddess in it!! Was the most incredible wedding! Loving being back in England! Xx


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