Summer 2017

Well, we’re back in Bangkok after an amazing but totally hectic month back in the UK where, as predicted, we ate way too much, spent too much and drove too much!

We caught up with friends and family, hung out with our dog, I accompanied one of my best friends in the world down the aisle, got in some much-needed shopping, spent time in Spain and tried to alleviate jet lag with a two nighter in Abu Dhabi on the way home!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have been kept up to date with our activities but here’s a little recap of our awesome summer.

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  1. orangewayfarer says:

    Awesomeeeeeeeee. Major FOMO now 😦

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  2. Mel & Suan says:

    oh wow. what an adventurous month!


    1. It was indeed! So lovely to catch up with family and friends like you’ve never been away!

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  3. Love hot chocolate and churros ❤️

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  4. sunny says:

    Great post and great photographs too, thanks for sharing with us.

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