Introducing Lalalab


I remember the days when you would take your roll of film to Boots that had taken you months to use, having carefully selected each shot so as to not waste a single frame, and the anticipation of getting your photographs back, which ones had worked, which hadn’t. I used to create all sorts of things with my pictures back then.

I travel a lot and take lots of gorgeous pictures but these days I’m totally guilty of not really doing anything with them apart from upload the odd one here on my blog and carefully back them up to my hard drive for a rainy day!

We were at our friend’s house in the summer and they had a series of poster collages up their stairs of special holidays and events from their lives that I just loved. They had made them with a company called Lalalab and highly recommended I try them out.

Using Lalalab could not be any easier; download the app to your smartphone and away you go! As well as ‘wall decor’ they also do photo books, prints, magnets and much more. Needless to say, I knew what I wanted and spent ten minutes creating a 24 picture poster collage with pictures from our April holiday in Indonesia. There is a choice of how many pictures you want on your poster (from 1 to 35), they fit a standard IKEA 50 x 70cm frame and are £16.90 each plus delivery of £3.90.

I had my poster shipped to Thailand (for the standard shipping cost) and it arrived just over a week later, which to be honest, I was really impressed by. The packaging had taken a bit of a battering en route which is usual but it was well protected and in one piece!

I am so pleased with the finished product that, as promised fit straight into its IKEA frame, the printing is great quality and the paper is thick. I have been on the app again this morning and created another two posters, one of our trip to Australia and one of our wedding and can’t wait for them to arrive!

Thanks to Lalalab for an awesome product and great service! If you fancy creating your own poster, use the code PG7QCNE2 at the checkout to get £5 off!

Please note: This post is not sponsored, I paid for my wall art myself and just genuinely think the Lalalab guys and their products are awesome!

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  1. annmeadows52 says:

    I’m really pleased with mine too, Bec. Just haven’t got round to getting a frame yet. X

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    1. Standard Ikea fits perfectly but sure they do the same sizes at the Range or Home Sense x


  2. Natalie Vinh says:

    This is the coolest thing ever, thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Thanks Natalie! I thought so too!! x

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  3. Love this, really great idea

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  4. allthoseflixthings says:

    Lovely post. I love lalabox! I just did a review of them on my blog, would love it if you could check it out. Anna x


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