Thai Beauty ~ Srichand Luminescence Perfecting Powder

I really like the Srichand loose powders which I’ve talked about before. The Original is great at setting the under-eye and the Tanaka Gold makes a lovely face mask so when I came across a new Luminescence range from the brand in Boots I knew I had to give something a try. The range includes what looks to be a primer, a UV shield and a pressed powder.

Priced higher than the other powders I’ve tried, at 590 baht I was curious about what made the Luminescence Glowing Brilliance Perfecting Powder worthy of such a price hike for Srichand. The packaging is really sturdy with a mirror and a good quality sponge in the lower layer so makes it much more convenient to carry around. I bought this to keep in my desk at work for when I need a quick touch up and I really like it for that purpose. The powder is really finely milled so doesn’t cake on the skin but gives good coverage. It’s more of a matte finish so I wouldn’t say it leaves me glowing as the name suggests but, to be honest, I’m ok with that!

I’m impressed with the powder but to be honest, I don’t think its really worth the price compared to the amazing loose powders but that wouldn’t stop me from trying more Srichand in the future!

Got any Thai beauty favourites you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Pauney says:

    You should try Chaonang Powder Foundation. You don’t need to wear foundation at all, just put it over your sunscreen. It’s a full coverage long lasting powder. The packaging is not fancy but the price is reasonable.

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    1. Ooo thank you! Where can I find it Pauney? 😊


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